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YOGA CULTURE              Cindy Recile

Yoga health practice is one of the most popular fitness regime for people of all ages. The Yoga experience delivers health and wellness and has grown into a lifestyle, practice, and become a cultural favorite of many people around the world.
Starting your Yoga Journey can be intimidating to a beginner. Our advice is to stay confident, have fun, research yoga poses and how they can benefit your body, focus on your breathing and most importantly BE PREPARED WITH YOUR YOGA GEAR. Dress for Yoga Success by finding a comfortable outfit that is breathable and functions to stretch for all your different poses. Our Yoga Leggings and Capris have four-way stretch, great for movement and moisture wicking technology to keep you dry and confident throughout your class. 
Here are some Yoga Poses demonstrated by our favorite Health and Fitness model Johanna Sambucini:

Salamba Sirsasana (Supported Headstand Pose):
Repairs tissues, releases stress, known to reduce vertigo and helps with liver and kidneys.
Seen in this picture:
Marble Panel Capri - Black and White
Marbleized Crisscross Bra - Black and White

Camel Pose:
Strengthens your body and opens your chest, improves flexibility of the spine and helps with your digestive system.
Urdhva Paryankasana (Upward Couch):
Increases strength in shoulders and neck while providing muscle stretch to the body.
Seen in this picture:
Marble Panel Capri - Black and White
Marbleized Crisscross Bra - Black and White
Our apparel is perfect for yoga enthusiasts and we want to know what your favorite pose is. We are doing a YOGA CHALLENGE on our social media page. Add us on our Instagram and Facebook network and tag us with #90DEGREEBYREFLEX
in your next 90 Degree by Reflex outfit demonstrating your yoga pose. Show us which pose is your favorite, challenging poses you've mastered, or a new pose you've just learned. Share with us today to enter our Yoga Challenge contest to win a 90 Degree by Reflex outfit. We will choose a surprise winner of best photo for the month of March and the selected  prize winner will receive a special 90 Degree by Reflex outfit and will be featured on our social media page and blog post!
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